Lite mer inspiration från New York Fashion Week!

Hair by Paul Hanlon for Aveda at the Preen autumn winter 2012 show is windblown with mixed textures. “The look we’ve created is a haphazard, sporty knot with an aerodynamic feel,” says Hanlon.

1. Apply Aveda Phomollient liberally all over damp hair. Blowdry with Mason Pearson brush, creating a rough, dry texture.

2. Dust Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion at the roots and work in with fingertips. Brush through and blowdry to set.

3. Start at the nape of the neck and loosely backcomb hair in sections to the top of the occipital bone.

4. Use a brush to gently backcomb remaining hair on top of head, working from hair line to occipital bone.

5. Create a center part at the back of the head. Separate hair into two vertical sections and tie into a knot at the occipital bone. For longer hair, double knot. Secure with large hairpins, leaving ends loose.

6. Style loose ends upward and back. Spray hair with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray while blowdrying to create a windblown effect.

7. Apply Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade to a 2-inch section of hair at the hairline.

8. Use a 2” comb to sweep the section of hair back from the hairline, intentionally leaving comb marks. Secure at the crown.

9. Finish with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray as needed to hold style in place.

Hair styled by Frank Rizzieri and Kevin Ryan for Aveda at the Tibi A/W 2012 show is a fresh and modern take on the designer’s nod to the sixties.

Cool and easy styles compliment the tailored suiting in the collection. Simple, undone ponytails at the nape of the neck create a lived-in look that balances function and form.

1. With a left side part starting at the arch of the brow, liberally spray Aveda Volumizing Tonic root to ends, starting at the nape of the neck and working upwards.

2. Blow dry front section to the side and behind the ears. Dry the rest of the hair back, away from the face, using a blow dryer and hands.

3. Pull hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic.

4. Pull a small piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around the elastic to conceal it. Secure ends under the elastic to hold hair in place.

5. Pull random pieces of hair from above the ear and surrounding the face for texture.

6. Finish with Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay to shape fallen pieces.

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