Aveda’s alliance with indigenous people.

Your gift, their future Aveda’s alliance with indigenous people and women artisans in Colombia helps support BETTER FUTURES FOR 400 FAMILIES, and helps PRESERVE 400 RAINFOREST ACRES. Earning money from gathering tagua nuts that naturally fall to the ground,Awa Indians in the foothills of the Andes and Afro-Colombians of the Pacific Coastal rainforest, grow stronger. And help keep 400 rainforest acres standing.

Creating accessories from tagua nuts, women artisans 400 miles away in Bogota earn income that provides for better health and education choices. In all, 400 families benefit because you give a limited-edition Gift of Hope set with handcrafted tagua nut accessory inside.

Aveda’s tagua nut purchase for Holiday 2010 is the largest fair trade, sustainably harvested rainforest product export in Colombia’s history helping improve lives. When you give an Aveda gift set, you make a difference with GIFTS BRIGHT WITH HOPE.

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