Månadsarkiv: november 2010

Backstage JC Pressvisning Våren 2011.

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Aveda Make-up line.

We just love the Aveda Make-up line, this evening The American Womens Club team up at the salon, we hope for a delightful evening.

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Aveda Holiday 2010: Women of the Equatorial Rainforest.

Bring hope to rainforest communities, and support the strong women who protect their way of life. Carving out hope for better futures, every Aveda gift set makes a difference. Your gift inspires their future.

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Nyhet på Wig Aveda.

Spa Terapeut, Jessica Tolgraven utför bla. Enbrightment Brightening Facial … välkommen in!

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Gifts bright with hope.

Aveda Supports Communities Protecting the Rainforest for its 2010 Christmas Collection Aveda™ Christmas 2010 collection launches five limited-edition gift sets that take guests on a sensory journey of harmony and tranquility—and bring hope to 400 families and 400 acres of … Läs mer

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